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we hate sterek because we’re homophobes?

funny, i thought our hatred of sterek stemmed from it’s entitled, overbearing fandom, with an inability to allow room for other ships and characters at cons and from authorial interviews, it’s tendency to dramatize and diminish abusive behavior, refusal to think of male/male pairings in anything other than heteronormative roles, misogynist double standards, erasure of people of color, demoting the one canon queer character as a prop to canon cishet males, their undying love of ableist slurs, their mistaken assumption that their shipping is somehow equal to queer rights activism, their inability to take criticism or look beyond their own privilege, and their fucking egregious misreading of the text.

#lol sterek #teen wolf fandom problems #oh and feel free to add anything i might have missed

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    I want a t-shirt.
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    Replace ‘sterek’ with you-know-what and BOOM! perfect.
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    The way this term is carelessly thrown around by Sterek shippers to choke off the critics I am almost tempted to...
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    nope its cuz we’re homophobic
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